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Our Onboarding Process

Step 1

When you initially call our office, our care coordinators will ask you questions about your immediate challenges and struggles. After that, they will determine with you if individual or group therapy is more appropriate.

Step 2

Schedule your appointment.

Step 3

Your initial onboarding consultation: you and Amity or your new group facilitator will ask you about your life and what brought you to this juncture.

Step 4

You and your counselor will determine your 1st Next Steps

Therapy Sessions

Any new relationship needs a solid foundation to stand upon in order for it to be beneficial for all the parties involved. It’s no different for the client-counselor alliance and successful therapeutic outcomes.

I want to learn about you. I’ll be interested and curious as to what brought you into my office and why you sought out therapy at this particular time and place. This is your experience and I will follow your lead.

You should know, unlike other clinicians, I do not pre-design my therapy sessions with a formulaic therapy intervention plan. In fact, I welcome the spontaneous psychic sparks of the unconscious to enter the room. If you want to read more about my primary clinical orientation, click here to read about Depth-Psychology and Transpersonal Growth.

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Therapy is an intimate, emotional experience. I truly care about every single one of my clients. It takes an immense amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy to sit with someone’s deepest and most intense experiences; and then I need to be able to respond in a helpful and meaningful way.

After a full week (which is not your standard 40 face-to-face hours), I am pretty drained. Fulfilled for sure. But I’m also tired.

I have invested heavily in my education. I hold two MA graduate degrees: one in conflict resolution and the other, mental health counseling. I also trained extensively beyond my traditional education and received specialized certifications in Gestalt equine facilitation, body work certifications, and have participated in two-years of Post-Doctorate Jungian candidate training.

In addition, I’ve heavily invested in new technological services and training that bring a unique point of view and optimized clinical interventions to my sessions.
As a private paid clinician, I am self-employed. I do not:

  • have paid time off
  • have included health
  • have included retirement plans

Taxes and expenses (rent, professional fees, insurance, etc.) are taken out after the fact. So this means that your hourly session fee does not go straight into my pocket.


$ 350 per session
  • Standard rate for single, 50-minute session is $350.
  • Individual, Standard Monthly Packages are available:
  • 4 sessions: $1200 (4) virtual/in-person therapy sessions (Payment plan option $50 bi-weekly extra)
  • 6-sessions: $1500 (4) virtual 1:1, (2) 30-minute, online activities
  • 8- sessions [hybrid]: $2500 (4) 1:1 sessions + (4) VR and/or digital interactive assignments


$ 350 per session
  • Standard rate for single, 50-minute session is $350.
  • Individual, Standard Monthly Packages are available:
  • 4 sessions: $1200 (4) virtual/in-person therapy sessions (Payment plan option $50 bi-weekly extra)
  • 6-sessions: $1500 (4) virtual 1:1, (2) 30-minute, online activities
  • 8- sessions [hybrid]: $2500 (4) 1:1 sessions + (4) VR and/or digital interactive assignments

Tech Enhanced, Monthly Coaching:

$ 2000 per month
  • *3 Month Commitment
  • Offering a 26% discount
  • Intervention Package
  • 90-minute initial intake session ($525.00 value)
  • Customized Coaching Plan ($795 value)
  • (4) individual, weekly check-in calls; (30-minutes each) ($700 value)
  • Client Portal Access ($500)

Group Therapy-

$ 800 per month
  • On-Going, Monthly Pre-Paid Virtual Service
  • Each Group Therapy Group will consist of 8 Participants
  • Includes 1 weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • 4-5 sessions are available each week with a maximum of 3 participants per session
  • Tech portal access for additional exercises and activities to help with stress, anxiety, trauma, and mindfulness.

Mindfulness Course

$ 800 one time purchase
  • 8 week self-directed mindfulness online course
  • Already a Client? Join the Mindfulness Course for a discounted rate

Lifebook Mastery Course

$ 1997 one time purchase
  • 6 week self-directed online mastery course
  • Envision, Plan, and Achieve your very best life
  • Deep dive into all 12 dimensions of your life
  • We accept all major credit cards, I.e. visa, MasterCard, American Express, through our client/patient portal.  
  • Alternative Payment Methods: PayPal, Venmo, Automatic Bank Withdrawal

I believe that you should be in charge of your mental health–in whatever way you feel is appropriate for you and your particular situation in life.

When you are a private paying customer, your mental health history is protected. There are no insurance claims to file, no approvals to be had, and no limitations to how long or how many sessions you are allotted towards ‘fixing’ yourself.

The Difference Between Therapy and Coaching

As a registered LPCC with the state of Colorado, I hold a restricted type of licensure under Colorado’s jurisdiction.  As a LPCC, I’m required to remain under clinical supervision for 2000 hours, at which time, I may sit for the state’s licensing exam. My training and degree in mental health counseling establishes the ground rules for my profession, therefore, I dutifully adhere to the ethical guidelines laid out by my credentially body, the American Counseling Association.

This code of ethics applies to all aspects of my practice. I uphold the belief in due no harm and confidentiality.  These values are carried over into all my work roles either as your therapist or coach. I deeply value our relationship and respect your privacy, which means that you can trust me to hold and protect our relationship in the strictness of confidence. 

As a registered Colorado LPCC, I am not registered with any insurance panels. I am able to provide superbills that you may submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement.  If you feel that you have been mistreated or harmed in any way during our therapeutic work together, then you may refer to the Department of Regulations Agency called DORA. 

As your coach, I still apply the same principles to our working relationship but the licensure requirements are null and void.  There is no oversight organization that I am bound to and no regulatory board to file a complaint in case of mistreatment or misconduct.  

Both therapy and coaching are incredible resources for self-empowerment, growth, and change and that is why I offer both services.  Each has its role and place, which we can discuss in more detail, but for now, you have some understanding of the basic differences in services and professional requirements.

The Choice is Yours

What could be more valuable than your peace of mind, your ability to grow and evolve, heal, or move on from trauma and distress? I believe it’s worth every penny to pay for a therapist who is a good fit for you and who can legitimately help and empower you to change your life?

By investing in your mental well-being, you are stating and setting a precedent that you and your entire state of mind come first, before all other external demands and distractions.

Think about this: when you commit to bettering yourself, you are not only improving yourself, you are also paying it forward to those around you and those who come after you. Imagine your impact on a world made better because you believed in yourself and your higher purpose. That’s powerful.

Why Choose Me?

Throughout this website, I’ve tried my best to provide you with clear and informed details about my practice and services. I came into counseling and coaching later in my career, as such, I bring a host of experiences beyond the therapeutic arena.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I have started multiple businesses in very divergent fields such as fashion, interior design, product development, gourmet food, and the cacao commodities industry.

I have always loved people and cultures dissimilar to my own. I consider myself a world citizen; having traveled around the world more than once and lived in Europe for an extended period of time. I’m a culturally conscious and curious traveler whose heart expands when looking at a Renaissance masterpiece and out different windows towards a pastoral view.

Heart Centered Values

Simple put, I love people. My purpose is to help others discover and become their best selves. Everything I do comes from a place of love, kindness, warmth, and compassion.
My ability to be playful and lighthearted puts others at ease. My humorous attitude keeps me connected and sharp, intuitive, and subtle in both challenging and easier times.
I am a ‘Creative’ with a capital ‘C’. For me, I thrive on novel ideas—mine and everybody else’s! I’ve been known to keep a couple of idea journals at one time 🙂 My creativity keeps me open to possibilities. I’m a healthy risk-taker, daydreamer, and life-long explorer: lover of the arts and artists, innovators and trailblazers.
I’m a life-long learner. My curiosity is driven by my desire to understand. This fuels me. I’m ravenous for knowledge. This is the way I make sense of the bigger picture. My varied interests keep me honest and on my toes. When I really want to expand, I immerse myself in study.
With perspective, I have a strong capacity to step back and see the big picture, ask good questions, and listen intently to what lies beneath. This skill set is something I continue to work on both personally and professionally so that I can be more present and available to and for you.

If you are ready to explore new psychic territories of the soul, in the comfort and safety of someone who respects your privacy, your life experiences, and your special zone of genius, then I could be your right partner and guide.

If you need someone to hear your story, help to write a new chapter in your lifebook, or locate the keys to unlocking your unlimited potential, then I invite you to reach out and schedule an appointment with my care coordinator.

I look forward to meeting you.