Need Immediate Assistance?

There are many reasons to turn to a therapist for help.
Maybe you’re feeling:

  • Unmotivated in life and work
  • Overwhelmed? If one more thing is added, it feels like you could break.
  • You’ve lost your bearings?
  • Directionless?
  • Is anxiety, depression, and/or fear holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself?

Or, you’d like to lean into your strengths and push against the preconceived notions of your limitations:

  • You want to level-up your professional game
  • Work towards a new goal with focus, purpose, and passion
  • You are looking for an accountability partner and community, who is mindfully aware, solution-focused, and supportive
  • You’re ready to thrive and flourish
  • Like you’ve forgotten who you are before the world told you who you should be?

Life experiences have a funny way of showing us exactly where we are, at every moment. These emotional fluctuations are normal. Talking it out, with another person, offers perspective and different vantage points to observe and practice your newly acquired life skills.

The beauty and gift of therapy is that you can learn, grow, and wrestle with your challenges in the company of someone who truly cares about your overall well-being.

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As a caregiver, I receive great joy and satisfaction by watching and being witness to others’ transformation. The success of our work together is less about the modality I ascribe to or the amount of sessions you spend with me. It’s about our budding relationship and alliance that stimulates change and growth.

Research shows that a person’s overall quality of life increases, incrementally, over time, as they continue to participate in therapy (Crits-Christoph et al, 2008).

By investing in yourself; putting in the time and energy to do the deep, introspective work necessary, I believe there is no greater gift or reward than self-knowledge.

So, if you are seeking a better way to handle obstacles that are sure to happen in your life, working with a therapist and/or life coach, who holds you with unconditional positive regard, can be an excellent opportunity to truly explore unseen and untraversed psychic territories, in a safe and confidential, nurturing environment.

Your mental well-being matters to me. The truth is, those who are willing to take risks and go to the edge of their comfort zone, are the people who improve the fastest.

If you are struggling to make sense of the world around you, understand and master your emotions, deepen your relationships with others and yourself, and want to develop the skills that bring you closer to your essential self’s core essence and desire, then working with me could be the right, next step.