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Are you experiencing anxiety, grief, a feeling of depression, and sadness, that won’t quit?

What about ruminations? Fears that persist even after the stay at-home orders have lifted and the world seems to be getting back to normal?

If you are still processing these last 2 years, you’re not alone.  We are survivors of an unprecedented event; unknown, unseen, or experienced by our generation.  

Feeling overwhelmed, scared, lonely, even pissed-off, are normal reactions to these strange and surreal events. 

Maybe you’re wondering if life will ever go back to some semblance of normalcy? 

Processing grief and pain is different for everyone.  I want to help you work through these issues so that you can move forward in your life with a new-found sense of awareness, trust, and resilience.

Let’s Work Together to Reset Your Life’s Course

What People Are Saying...

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Amber Vilhauer

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Amber Vilhauer

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Amber Vilhauer

A COVID-19 Mental Health Reboot

We’ve seen and read the headlines: 

  • Panic: what if life never goes back to normal?
  • Fear: I’m scared. 
  • Suicidality: Life’s too hard, it’s not worth it.
  • Regret: I’ve missed so much in my life and I’m never getting that back
  • Shock: this isn’t fair
  • Anxiety: I’m afraid all the time and I can’t stop it
  • Isolation: I’m sick of working from home & screw Zoom!

We’ve all been impacted by Covid.  It’s true, not everyone processes distress or grief in the same way.  Some may jump right back into their lives like nothing’s changed. Others, it takes a longer time to feel more like themselves.

For those who work on the crisis frontlines, returning to normal might seem elusive and strange. If you are a healthcare hero, caregiver, essential worker, or a Covid-survivor, now might be the time to start thinking about mental health strategies with someone who understands and cares for others on a regular basis. 

On-going symptoms, like the ones listed below, can be a sign that you might need some extra mental health support:

  • Tiredness and On-Edge
  • Lack of interest 
  • Sleep issues: going to sleep or staying asleep 
  • Lack of energy, feeling empty, or forlorn

If you think about it, these feelings and mental states have become the accepted new normal. 

They aren’t normal. Sure, we all experience peaks and valleys in our lives, but experiencing these prolonged feelings of disinterest and lack of motivation are your psychological ‘code red’ alerts that you might need some help kicking the Covid malaise to the curb.


Ways That Covid Counseling
Can Help

Prolonged fear, worry, and anxiety can keep you in a loop of hyper-vigilance and dis-ease. Our minds and bodies are pre-programmed to stay on high alert to real or perceived dangers. Not until those dangers have been put in check and dispelled, can we actively release and shake off the threat. 

I want to help you shake off the Covid threat

Understandably so, these unprecedented events have left you and the world reeling. 

Major traumatic events, like Covid, can cause long-term side effects. It’s been determined that emotional problems may not surface until years after the traumatic event.  It can be inconceivable to imagine feeling joy, happiness, comfort, or security again, in the throes of prolonged pain, isolation, stress, and loss. 

You don’t have to remain trapped by irrational thoughts and fears. If you are feeling stuck or consumed by grief, unable to see or imagine the possibility of a regular life, then reach out to me, I can be of service to you.

Ready to Begin?

Out of Loss...

Tragedy and suffering are part of the human experience. Making sense of our ‘dark nights of the soul’, and of these intolerable events, can feel insurmountable. You don’t have to go it alone.

Learning to navigate these waters, in times of hardship and strain, often lead to a new-found experience of growth and acceptance. It’s been said many times, that out of pain, we grow.

By giving your grief, sorrow, and pain its due, you might be able to craft a new story about yourself; one of survival, strength, resilience, and if I dare say, some optimism, that you can move forward with hope and confidence.

Don’t let these last months’ events define the rest of your life.  You’ve already come so far. You’ve endured. You too can learn and incorporate these new resilient, life skills so that your health and wellness can continue to flourish. 

If you are ready to move on from the setbacks that Covid has caused, and are ready to re-discover a new appreciation for life, re-establish those relationships, be open to possibilities, and regain your mental and physiological strength you thought you’d lost, then reach out today.


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